Caravan Servicing – Meet The Trudgians Caravan Video Series

At Swindon Caravan Group it is fair to say that a healthy Swindon Caravans Group meets the Trudgians. Caravn Video Series including Caravan Servicing and more!proportion of enquiries received relate to caravan servicing.

So, when Dan Trudgian approached us about a behind the scenes vlog covering a service in detail, naturally we agreed; keen to shed as much light as possible on the caravan servicing process.

In this video ‘Caravan Servicing Part One’ you’ll see behind the scenes footage of a ‘basic caravan service’ completed in June 2017.

And while this is a basic service, all information regarding our other caravan servicing packages can be found here > Services <. We also thought you may want to also view our full-service checklist, which you can do so here > service checklist <.

Note: Both servicing levels offered will cover your caravan for the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Here is our at a glance summary of the servicing process:

Booking in & Pre-Assessment.

  1. Book in with the Aftersales team and complete any required paperwork.
  2. Your caravan will be checked over, so any existing imperfections (dinks, dents, scratches, etc.) are documented in a pre-service report. Both parties sign this before the service begins.

The Service.


  1. The caravan is hoisted. Wheels removed and checked (sidewall/tread/date) for roadworthiness
  2. The single use nut is removed and discarded
  3. Inside the drum, shoes cleaned and everything is liberally degreased
  4. The spindle is degreased, the hub replaced, and a brand new single use nut is fitted to the specified torque.
  5. Tyre pressure checked
  6. At the end of the service when the caravan is lowered to the floor, locking wheel nuts are torqued up to the required spec. This is always double checked and signed off accordingly.


  1. Adjust brakes to ensure they aren’t binding
  2. Handbrake adjusted

Spare Wheel.

  1. Tread, depth, & date checked.
  2. Wheel carrier greased & cleaned.
  3. New copper grease applied to nuts.


  1. All steadies around the caravan greased & cleaned
  2. Handbrake assembly cleaned
  3. All locks & hinges are checked
  4. Full visual check – Any faults at this time are documented.
  5. Smoke alarms & carbon monoxide alarm checks


  1. Jockey wheel removed
  2. Hitch handle cleaned & inspected
  3. Jockey wheel dismantled, cleaned and re-lubricated
  4. Hitch refit & testing
  5. Pads cleaned


– Road Light Check
  1. 13 pin connection tested.
  2. Markers, brake lights and rear lights all checked.
  3. Bulbs checked
– Leisure Battery
  1. This will be disconnected.
  2. Battery analysis performed with report
  3. Battery charger performance check
– Safety
  1. Visual check of all plug sockets
  2. RCD safety checks
 – Gas
  1. Gas Pipes
  2. Visual & date checks
  3. The gas system is pressure checked
  4. Hob check
  5. Gas leak check
  6. Flue checks

And finally…

Thorough damp test inc cupboard & lockers.

NOTE: Make sure cupboards and lockers are empty.

At the end of the service, a full-service report will be issued.

Looking for more detail on caravan servicing?

Keep an eye out for ‘Caravan Servicing Part Two’ in which our Aftersales Manager John will be answering frequently asked questions regarding caravan servicing, put to him by Dan.

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