Caravan Service Q&A –  Meet The Trudgians Caravan Video Series

Following on from part one of our ‘Caravan Service’ series – Caravan Servicing at Swindon Caravans Swindon Caravans Group meets the Trudgians. Caravn Video Series including Caravan Servicing, answering your caravan service FAQs and more!Group – Part 1, Dan Trudgian sat down with John Hosking, who heads up the Aftersales team at our Swindon branch, to run through some frequently asked questions.

Caravan Service FAQs:

Below is a summary of the video.

Why bother with a Caravan Service?

  • Safety checks
  • Peace of mind
  • Most importantly, warranty cover

Note: All new and used caravans that hold a warranty require an annual service.  Please ensure that the yearly service is completed before the anniversary of the purchase date to avoid invalidating the warranty.

Should I empty my caravan before the service?

This can depend on the type of caravan service that is being carried out. But for all services, John asks customers to ensure a walkway is free so our engineers are able to walk through the van with ease. Remove all personal possessions and remove large items out of the van.

What we will say is remember that damp test in part one!?! 

Which brand of caravan do the Swindon Caravan Group Service?

We currently sell and can, therefore, service the following 3 franchises of new caravans:

We sell a range of different brands from our used stock.  Please remember that if we sell a caravan then we will service it.

Unfortunately, due to capacity limitations in our workshop and our need to concentrate on customers who purchase caravans from us, we are not able to do any servicing & warranty work on your caravan if it has not been purchased from us.  You will need to refer any warranty to your supplying dealer.

How long does a caravan service take to complete?

A caravan service will take between 2 and 4 hours to complete, depending on the type of service selected. Usually, we will load the yard on a Saturday and carry out services Monday to Friday the following week. All customers will receive a phone call when their service is complete. If you need your caravan service within a specific timeframe, please speak with the office at the time of booking.

Will gas appliances be serviced?

A gas safety check is completed on all gas appliances. A printout of results is provided with your service forms. Proof of this safety check will be required for insurance purposes.

What is the main difference between a standard and premier service?

A standard caravan service covers all safety and chassis checks and is better suited to those who use their caravan regularly.

A premier service is recommended for those customers that are:

  • First-time buyers
  • Do not often use their caravan
  • Need their caravan checked at the beginning of the year.

All information regarding our servicing packages can be found here>> Caravan Service Information.

Note: Both the standard and premier service will cover your caravan for the full manufacturer’s warranty.

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