New to Caravanning? Part 2 – Safe & Legal Towing

Safe & Legal Towing

There are a couple of things to consider before placing a deposit on a new caravan. You will need to ensure that you can legally tow you chosen caravan and that your car can tow the caravan. However, don’t worry. Although they need considerations we can help disperse any concerns or fears of legal and safe towing. In this section we will discuss the legal implications of towing, and discuss the safety of towing with your car.

Your driving licence

Depending on when you passed your driving test will dictate the size (and weight) of the caravan you can legally tow. There is a magic date of January 1st 1997. For UK drivers that passed their test before this date, they would have more entitlements on their driving licences and can tow larger caravans. If you passed your driving test before January 1st 1997 you can tow with a combined weight (car and caravan) of up to 7,500Kg.

If, however you passed after this date you can only tow with a combined weight of 3,500Kg which can limit the caravans that you can tow with your car. However, dont lose heart, you can gain that extra entitlement, commonly known as the B+E test by sitting an additional driving test that focuses on towing ability.

For more information and to check what your driving licence entitles you to drive, visit the site :

Safe towing

A second check that needs to be completed is the ability of your car to a caravan.

Max towing limit

Nose weight

Kerb weight

Outfit matching

85% recommendation

Towing courses