Safety has to be our number one priority.  If your caravan is under the manufacturer’s warranty you will require a FULL SERVICE; this is required to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.  With our Full Service your caravan will undergo a thorough check on all fixtures and fittings.

If your caravan is out of its manufacturer’s warranty then you can have a CHASSIS SAFETY CHECK; this is suitable for our used caravans sold with or without an MB&G warranty.  Our Chassis Safety Check looks at all the running gear for safety and includes an ingress test for piece of mind.

Full Service:

  • Single Axle £259 inc VAT + parts.      3 year Full Service (single axle) plan for £690
  • Twin Axle £299 inc VAT + parts.      3 year Full Service (twin axle) plan for £790

Chassis Safety Check:

  • Single Axle £189 inc VAT + parts.      3 year Chassis Safety Check (single axle) plan for £499
  • Twin Axle £219 inc VAT + parts.      3 year Chassis Safety Check (twin axle) plan for £599

More information regarding what is included in our service packages as well as details about our 3 year servicing plans can be found here>> SCG Servicing.

We also offer a Water Ingress Check & Report for £55 and a Gas Safety Check for £55.  Please give us a call for more details.

What goes in to a service?

Part 1 – Watch this video as Ray, one of our Swindon based engineers, shows us exactly what goes into a caravan service.  Dan Trudgian, a Swindon customer and online vlogger, shows the process from a customer’s point of view:

Part 2 – features Swindon’s Aftersales Manager John running over a few FAQs with regards our servicing and warranty policies.  Please watch his video for clarification on our policies but if anything is not clear then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When your caravan goes in for service it will receive a full damp report and be checked according to a service checklist.  You will be given a copy of both the damp report and service checklist for you to keep as your service history.

Unfortunately due to capacity limitations in our workshop and our need to concentrate on customers who purchase caravans from us, we are not able to do any servicing & warranty work on your caravan if it has not been purchased from us.  You will need to refer any warranty to your supplying dealer.