Caravan Servicing

In order to maintain your warranty, manufacturers and finance companies will ask that the caravan is serviced annually.

Caravan Servicing

A caravan service should be completed on or just before the anniversary of when you purchased the caravan. Although there is no legal requirement for you to have the caravan serviced, it is highly recommended. A caravan has several elements that if left unchecked could pose a danger to the occupants or fellow road users.  In order to maintain your warranty, manufacturers and finance companies will ask that the caravan is serviced annually and in a good state of repair.

In a caravan service there are over 100 items that are individually checked. It is an exhaustive list, but here are just some of the areas that are checked:

  • Running gear, chassis and hitch

  • Electrical systems including mains, battery and solar panels

  • Gas safety checks on heating, hot water, cooker and fridge

  • Tyres, brakes and suspension

  • Windows, doors, lockers and skylights

  • Water ingress check

If at any point of the service we find an issue that needs attention, we will notify you as soon as possible and explain the issue, its cause and the best route forward.

What is involved in a caravan service?

For more information on what is involved in a caravan service, the following video shows some of the detail of a service and what to expect as a Swindon, Oxford & Reading Caravans customer.

We offer 2 levels of service for customers who have purchased a caravan from us.  For full details visit our Servicing page or else call our Aftersales departments who will be happy to talk you through the options. 

In both cases we offer a 3-year service plan package which will allow you to spread the costs of servicing over the 36-month term.

Our After-Sales Manager John Hopkins answered a few questions regarding caravan servicing in the following video:

Book a Service

To book your caravan in for a service call our After sales teams on the following numbers across our 3 branches.

Swindon Caravans: 01793 772096, option 3.  Or email [email protected]

Oxford Caravans: 01844 339566, option 3.  Or email [email protected]

Reading Caravans: 01189 888111, option 3.  Or email [email protected]

Please note, due to high demand, we can only service caravans that have been purchased from any of our branches.