Choosing the Correct Caravan

Choosing a caravan can be quite an overwhelming process, certainly if you are new to caravanning. Our aim is to guide you through our process from selecting the correct caravan to suit your requirements through to its collection and your very first adventure.

Of course, choosing the correct caravan is essential and your circumstances will dictate which caravan will best suit your needs. You will appreciate there are many manufacturers, lots of accessories and many different caravan layouts; all with a variety of features.

Sliming your requirements into a short list or shopping list can be a challenge and will create many questions. Thankfully our knowledgeable team can help guide and answer any questions you have in the decision-making process.

We are proud to sell new Bailey, Lunar & Swift caravans across our three locations and have a large stock of pre-loved models. Each brand has a very different look and feel and as you browse our ranges of caravans you will notice elements that are common across the entire range.

It is important to remember that our Sales team can demonstrate the various features of the caravans, answer any questions and queries you may have to make sure you are getting the correct caravan for your needs.

Where to start

A great starting point is to limit your search on the correct number of people you need to accommodate. For example, choosing a 2-berth caravan for a family of 4 simply won’t work.

To help further we have arranged our forecourts in Swindon, Oxford and Reading by caravan layout and you will be free to walk in and around any of the caravans that are for sale. As you visit each caravan you may start to notice familiarities between manufacturers and specification levels. This is a great time to start listing what you like and dislike on each model.

Making lists is a great way of narrowing your search providing a discussion point with our team. For example, if you love a layout but dislike the colour scheme, we may be able to point you in a new direction and consider an unseen model.

On any of the caravans that you will see on our forecourt you can ask for a demonstration of features that the caravan has, how they work and discuss any benefits or drawbacks that they may have with your specific requirements.

If you require further help and guidance we recommend purchasing some magazines. Two notable publications exist, Caravan Magazine and Practical Caravan.  Both offer comprehensive content on purchasing a caravan along with reviews and inspiration on places to visit.

Dan Trudgian created a video sharing how his family started searching for a new caravan.  In this video Dan shares some hints and tips for including the family and making a sensible list of caravan requirements.

In the next part we will look closely at matching your car to your chosen caravan, discuss any legal implications and give you some guidance for when you are shopping for a caravan.