A caravan should be serviced annually to ensure it is in full working order and, most importantly, roadworthy and safe.  If a caravan has been used a lot it may require more than one annual service.  If a caravan has not been used regularly it will still require an annual service because periods of inactivity can also lead to problems.

If your caravan is under warranty, it will require servicing within a stipulated time for that warranty to remain valid.

Part 1 – Watch this video as Ray, one of our Swindon based engineers, shows us exactly what goes into a caravan service.  Dan Trudgian, a Swindon customer and online vlogger, shows the process from a customer’s point of view:

Part 2 – features Swindon’s Aftersales Manager John running over a few FAQs with regards our servicing and warranty policies.  Please watch his video for clarification on our policies but if anything is not clear then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When your caravan goes in for service it will receive a full damp report and be checked according to a service checklist.  You will be given a copy of both the damp report and service checklist for you to keep as your service history.

Our premier caravan service charge is:

  • Single Axle £259 inc VAT + parts
  • Twin Axle £296.40 inc VAT + parts

Our basic caravan service charge is:

  • Single Axle £169 inc VAT + parts
  • Twin Axle £199 inc VAT + parts

All information regarding our servicing packages can be found here>> Caravan Service Information.

Our basic caravan service covers your caravan for the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that our labour rate is £50 + VAT an hour.

Unfortunately due to capacity limitations in our workshop and our need to concentrate on customers who purchase caravans from us, we are not able to do any servicing & warranty work on your caravan if it has not been purchased from us.  You will need to refer any warranty to your supplying dealer.