Our New Caravan Video Series – Swindon Caravans Group Meet The Trudgians

Do you enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do? If so, owning a caravan is one of the greatest investments you can make. However, it may seem a daunting process if you’re unsure of where to start. That is where our Swindon Caravan Group Meets The Trugians new caravan video series can help!

We have partnered up with The Trudgians, a family based in Wiltshire who documents their caravanning experiences and adventures around the United Kingdom on their blog and YouTube channel. The useful information includes tips and tricks of owning a caravan focusing their efforts for those who are first-time owners. Why this partnership? Dan Trudgains explains

We purchased our caravan from Swindon Caravan Group back in 2014. As complete novices we were educated about every aspect of our caravanning. I hope that we can continue to inspire newcomers, veteran caravaners and those who are just curious to caravanning, by sharing our gained knowledge with the backing and resources of Swindon Caravan Group. We have a lot of videos and articles planned for the future and, it’s great to have the perspective and knowledge from a well established and respected dealership.

Swindon Caravans Group and The Trudgians Caravan Videos. Click to read about the series.
Meet The Trudgians

So by combining forces, we aim to produce caravan videos that:

  • answer the questions that first-time owners may have about owning a caravan,
  • look at the new models that are coming to the market
  • ensure that our current customers learn something new as well

Introductions & What To Expect From The Videos

In this first video, Dan Trudgian introduces the caravan video series, covers what to expect and has a short interview with Tom our General Manager

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