Swift Vogue – What is a Dealer Special?

We introduced the Swift Vogue into our product portfolio in 2017.  It was a tremendous success, the only problem being that we sold out very early in the season which left a number of customers disappointed.  For 2018 the Vogue has had a slight redesign and we’ve increased the production to satisfy customer demand.

But what exactly is a dealer special?

The Vogue is the Swindon Caravans Group’s dealer special and therefore can only be purchased from our dealership (other dealerships will of course have their own dealer specials).  A dealer special uses a base model (in the Vogue’s case a standard Sprite caravan) and then the respective dealerships’ add certain specification to that base model in order to increase its appeal, essentially making that caravan unique.

Here is our salesman Lee talking to Dan Trudgian about exactly what a dealer special is, focusing on the Vogue in particular:

So what makes the Vogue unique?

The soft furnishings, curtains and fabrics as well as the name all make the Vogue unique.  The caravan is based on a Sprite but has specification over and above the standard Sprite product.  As a group, we also decided that the Vogue should include Automatic Trailer Control (ATC), a 100W solar panel, a 230V external mains socket, an external BBQ point, window blinds, an alarm and an external access door, all of which make the Vogue unique.

Are they worth the money?

It is hard to argue against!  The Swift Vogue costs £349 more than a standard Sprite.  And yet the Vogue has a range of exclusive features worth £2,500 over and above what the standard Sprite range offers.  Why buy the standard Sprite when you can buy the Swift Vogue?  There are 6 layouts available, prices start from £17,284.  Please have a look at our stock and prices or give our sales teams a call today to book an appointment to come and view.